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Hair Extensions

Get the Hair You Always Wanted

Get the Perfect Head of Hair you always dreamed of in just a few hours. Imagine getting the exact length, volume and color of hair you always wanted at a price you can afford. If you're looking to increase your volume or want to dramatically change your entire look, our salon offers hair extension services and maintenance programs.

We specialize in several cold fusion hair extension techniques that​​ are proven safe and won't damage your existing hair. If you currently have extensions in your hair or have purchased hair extensions, we can cut, color, install and re-adjust them. Please call us with any hair extension questions at 847-895-4447


Hair Extensions are not just for the Hollywood Stars. You too can have a glamorous full head of hair. Transform your entire look or add length and volume without waiting for your hair to grow and managing split ends.

Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Microbead hair extension application involves the use of a small metal bead with an inner silicone lining. The natural hair is threaded through the bead, the bonded end of the hair extension is placed inside of the bead alongside the natural hair and a pair of pliers is used to clamp the bead. These extensions are incredibly versatile and when the extensions come out, they can be reused.

Hair Extension Labor Cost

Pricing is based on standard services, we prefer to price each client individually because of the amount and quality of hair extensions preferred.

  • $10 labor per cylinders/strands up to 25
  • $ 8 labor per cylinder/strands 26-50
  • $ 7 labor per cylinder/strands 51-100

​​Returning clients for maintenance and extension adjustments we offer a preferred discount for labor.




 Hair Only Prices

Our pricing for hair extensions vary based on overall length, straight texture or body wave. Below are standard price ranges.



  • 12" Hair Extensions - Sold in bundles of 20 - Starting from $30 to $90
  • 14" Hair Extensions - Sold in bundles of 20 - Starting from $35 to $105
  • 18" Hair Extensions - Sold in bundles of 20 - Starting from $40 to $120
  • 22" Hair Extensions - Sold in bundles of 20 - Starting from $ 50 to $150

Still Have Questions About Hair Extensions?

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are a great, temporary way to enjoy hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are usually composed of a moderate to large amount of hair attached to a clip or a comb that can be placed in the hair to add volume, highlights or length. These types of hair extensions aren't very versatile, but can be removed and replaced multiple times a day if desired without damaging the natural hair.

Custom Made Extensions

Hand Made Clip In Hair Extensions are made perfectly  just for you!  You select the color, texture, length and amount of hair that will give you the most natural, beautiful look.



Priced per "weft" - Starting from $75

The wefts are trimmed to your exact width & length and color matched for a natural looking head of hair.



Already have Clip In Extensions ?

We can customize your extensions to match your hair and can sew clips onto the weft.


Call Us at 847-895-4447  

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